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16 February 2006 @ 04:45 pm
Job Interview at the Cafe [Kinda] - Next up! Asano Mizuho!  
[[All parts played respectively on AIM. I couldn’t post in the main SeireiteiHS community through my Mizuho account, so I’m posting it with Hanatarou’s. He was in this log anyway, though not much. :) ]]

Characters: Shiba Kuukaku, Asano Mizuho, Hanatarou (who’s in the background)
Rated: PG-13 for cursing (on both Kuukaku & Mizuho’s parts), violence and Dunkin’ Donuts hatin’
Location: The Cafe
Summary: Sister Mizuho worships Dunkin Donuts like a God. Sister Kuukaku condemns Dunkin Donuts as a spawn of the devil. God knows what will happen at this job interview when they finally meet...

Mizuho got out of her car, while finishing off her powdered donuts. In one of her hands, she held a bag from...dun, dun, dun...Dunkin’ Donuts. Mizuho LOVED Dunkin Donuts. It was one of her favorite places she loved to eat. At least when it came to donuts anyway. For coffee, she just went to Star Bucks.

Continuing…the young woman walked over to The Cafe, and looked up from the map she printed out from Mapquest. She nodded to herself.

So this was the place her brother’s friend was talking about that desperately needed help. The store sign was certainly...out there. She shrugged and swung the door and went inside. The bell rung above her and Mizuho looked around and went to the counter and asked for the manager of this fine establishment.

"Yo, kid,” she said to the young boy behind the counter, “You're boss around?"

"I thin-think she's around in the back, miss, " the boy, Hanatarou replied.

"Great, go get her for me."

He nodded and quickly rushed to the back to retrieve his boss.

Kuukaku had been having a good week. Valentine's Day always brought sales up, with people coming in for something to eat at the local place during their night out on the town. Maybe her own night could've been a little more interesting, but money could easily even the scales.

She strolled cheerfully into the room, her face as amused as it got. "Alright, another little girl, come in to be a slave, then? Right, now si-"

Oh no she didn't. Fuck, no. "What the fuck is that shit?" she asked gruffly, her bright expression replaced with one of animosity. Her hand balled into a fist, but controlled herself long enough to seat herself. Deep breath. DEEP breath.

Mizuho looked at Kuukaku strangely, wondering what the hell was the woman’s problem was. So far Mizuho didn’t even speak and this so-called manager of The Café was looking pissed off for something whatever it may be. The woman wondered if it could possibly be her usual face.

“I’m looking for a job and I heard from my little brother’s friend that they were in need of more employees,” Mizuho explained, as she sat down across from Kuukaku, place her Dunkin’ Donuts bag on the table. Luckily, Mizuho was in a good mood to be polite. The sooner this was over with it, the sooner she could get started and the sooner she would start making some money.

Kuukaku glared at the bag, like if she stared hard enough perhaps it would spontaneously combust. So far...it wasn't working. Damn. Her eyes shot upwards, and she gave the girl a distasteful once-over.

"Alright, you really wanna be a part of this? First off, once you step foot in here you put on your Fuck Dunkin’ Donuts attitude. I don't want to see this crap here ever again." As she said this, her available arm shot out and knocked the bag off the table, where it flew against the wall, its contents spilling across the tiles. Hana could clean that up later.

Her eyes narrowed as she gauged the girl's reaction. "Name?"

Mizuho clenched her teeth, her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets when Kuukaku had knocked the bag away. How fuckin’ dare this lady do that to her precious bag full of delicious donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. She obviously didn’t appreciate the greatness, which was Dunkin’ Donuts.

Mizuho leaned in and slammed her fist hard on the table, glaring at the woman before her, “ASANO MIZUHO!” she responded in a loud, angry voice, “And how fuckin’ dare you knock away the bag with my precious babies on to your shitty floors!”

Kuukaku's nostrils flared and for a moment it seemed as if she might not hit Mizuho. Oh, well, that was misleading. Kuukaku stood up and with a loud thud, her open palm connected with the top side of the girl's head. "In my store you respect me. Especially if you expect a job outta this. Asano-kun." She spat out her name like a curse, her lips curling into a snarl.

Pain seared through Mizuho’s head and she quickly slapped Kuukaku’s hand away from her as she stood up.

“Well, what was you name again, m’mam? Shiba Kuukaku-san, was it?” Mizuho replied, in the same tone Kuukaku was talking to her.

Hanatarou, who was behind the register, was shuddering. He was too afraid to go clean the bag Kuukaku just spilled, especially with the feeling of death in the air. He prayed this woman knew what she was doing, messing with his employer. The sparks that were flying back and forth like crazy between the two women were almost visible.

“I think, I’ve changed my mind, Shiba-san.” Mizuho said in fake sweet voice, smiling bitterly. Her fists were clenched, trying her best not to attack this woman. God knows she wanted too so bad and she was just another comment away from doing so, “I don’t want this fuckin’ job anymore. The pay’s probably shit and the food here probably sucks and will NEVER COMPARE TO THE GREATNESS THAT IS DUNKIN’ DONUTS!”

Kuukaku snapped. First off, you just didn't mention Dunkin’ Donuts and great in the same sentence in front of her. Just...no. Even more importantly, you never ever insulted The Cafe. Even if she couldn't cook for shit and employed others to do that kind of thing for her, she took great pride in her coffee. It was one of the few things she could actually do well and...

Well, there was another thing Kuukaku could do. Here was just the right time to show off this particular skill. And so she swung a fist (not a petty slap like before) at the girl's face, her blow landing hard on her jaw. She'd wipe the floor with this twerp, and then she'd think twice about whom she was back talking to next time.

Mizuho fell to the ground, her cheek red as well as a little blood dripping from her mouth. A metallic taste filled her mouth.

Oh no, she didn't! Her eyes shot daggers at the woman. She wasn’t some pathetic person who would easily give up from just one hit. Oh no. Mizuho was stubborn. Mizuho was a fighter. Mizuho was one bitch you wouldn’t want to mess with.

It didn’t help that Kuukaku was one too though.

Mizuho didn't care whether she got the job at the moment. She didn't care for the pain that she felt from the punch. All she cared for was kicking this bitch's ass.

In mere seconds, she was off the ground and her right fist was already soaring, making contact to Kuukaku's face with the same kind of pressure she received herself from Kuukaku.

Kuukaku let the blow land, feeling the pain sharply, but brushing it off as her foot kicked out at her knee, the heel of her boots shoving harshly against the kneecap.

She stepped back quickly, her tongue tasting the cut on her lower lip gently. Her fingers clenched and unclenched, knuckles pink but not raw yet.

As the crowd surrounding the two women (a good enough distance away so that they wouldn’t get hurt themselves), poor Hanatarou was watching the whole thing behind the counter, both afraid and confused on what to do. If he goes in there to stop them, he’ll get killed. If he gets someone to help, they’ll get killed. After all, you shouldn’t mess with a vicious woman, even more so, two angry vicious women.

“Bitch!” Mizuho cursed under her breath angrily as she kicked Kuukaku’s ankles, causing her to fall. That was when Mizuho went and pulled Kuukaku’s hair as hard as she could.

It was vicious, and neither of them cared. There was blood, yes, and it got under their nails. Kuukaku gave an elbow in the face for every painful punch to the side and by the end they were both sporting various injuries. It took three brave employees to grab them and even then, one of them was forced to use his umbrella to keep them apart.

"Get her the fuck out," she hissed to the one holding her, and she spat out a pink mix of saliva and blood onto the floor next to her.

“Get your hands off me, you bastards!” she yelled, angrily. She wanted another shot at Kuukaku again, but unfortunately, she couldn’t pry her arms from the employees.

With all their strength, they dragged Mizuho out of The Café despite her resistance and constant strings of curses.

They shut the door, not allowing the woman to enter. Obviously, she was banned from The Café for all eternity.

The fight, however, was still far from over.

Breathing hard, she continued to glare at Kuukaku through the window, but eventually the cold got to her and she went back to her car. When Mizuho got home, she would take a shower and get some ointments and bandages for her wounds. Her brother, Keigo, would unfortunately be at the end of her bad mood tonight.
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