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Seireitai High School

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CLOSED - 12/03/2006


Welcome to Seireitai High School, the best Bleach RPG this side of Mars. This is a bleach high school RP inspired by hs_no_jutsu and narutohs! How does this work, you ask? Well, we've taken characters from Kubo Tite's Bleach manga/anime and thrown them into a high school setting with NO supernatural skills, NO spirits, and NO sense of order. Instead, this concentrates on just how messed up our favorite characters would be if they had to live the lives many of us manage every day. Let the crack begin.



1. No powerplaying or godmodding. Contact information for all players is available so please just contact them and plot with them.

2.Good spelling and grammar is a must. We understand typos happen (just look at our community name) but thankfully, lj provides us with a spell-check feature for when we’re making posts. And no one wants to read numbers pretending to be words no matter how cool you think it might be.

3.Written a post over 300 words? Fabulous! Please remember to put it behind a livejournal cut so as not to hog all the space on everyone’s friend lists. Same goes for posts that have a rating higher than PG-13.

4. All players require a character journal. No exceptions.

5. You are allowed a maximum of three (3) characters, preferably characters that wouldn’t interact in particularly large quantities. Example: Renji and Urahara don’t really have anything in particular that would
drive them to interact on a regular basis. However, Tatsuki and Orihime, being best friends, would interact a lot and so it would be kinda boring to monopolise that relationship.

6. Take any OOC problems into IM. No flaming around here.

7. This RP will be done mostly in the journal. If you RP in a chat, please post the entire log without any OOC comments and with screen names replaced by the character's names in parentheses or brackets.

8. Third person, past tense in posting, first person in journal entries. At least one journal entry should be made a month. You should post in the RP at least once a week. It really sucks when a thread can't go anywhere because of one person.

9. This RP is yaoi/yuri/het friendly. There's really no set rating. This is an RP involving high school students; it's bound to have some gnarly stuff.

10. OOC posts (including introductions and absent notices) should be posted at shs_ooc.



Real Name: (Your name! But we'll probably end up calling you by your character's name anyway)

AIM sn: (Your AIM sn. We request that you have this, as this is the most common messenger service.)

MSN sn: (Your MSN address)

E-mail: (Your e-mail address)

Character Name: (The full name of the character you're applying for)

Occupation: (Your character's occupation just to make sure you read the list and know what we expect from who you're potentially playing. If they're a student, just list their grade)

Why Do You Want to Play This Character?: (Just what the question suggests)

Example RP: (A few paragraphs with you playing as the character. Please try to write them into a high school situation. We want to see how you use them in this RP, not how you would play them in another.)

Apply Here!



Those taken will have their character journals listed after their description.


Kurosaki Ichigo - Your quintessential punk-rebel sophomore who hates almost everything: government, bureaucracy, and his father. He has a few close friends (Keigo, Mizuiro, Chad, and sometimes Ganju), but generally dislikes everyone else. Ichigo's actually (sort of) a nice guy, despite his permanent scowl. He's at the top of his grade, surprisingly. death_is_easy (Played by shootingstars)

Kuchiki Rukia - The rich artsy girl. She's slightly "misunderstood" by all except for her best friend, Abarai Renji. She also has quite the temper (and attitude), which usually leads people into thinking she's less than friendly. She's constantly living in the shadow of her older brother, Byakuya, and is constantly trying to make him proud. She's also a skilled actress and a "wildlife" artist. Another sophomore.wingstocked_ (Played by seppuku_doll)

Inoue Orihime - The princess of the sophomore class. Cheerleader, third in her grade, a member of the sewing club, homecoming queen.... Orihime is known and loved by all, but she only has eyes for Ichigo. orihimeinoue (Played by jade_vixen)

Ishida Uryuu - The "emo" kid, though he doesn't like labels. He is constantly criticizing everyone for being conformists, especially Ichigo. His favourite bands are bands that no one else has ever heard of and he prefers snaps and zippers to buttons. Beneath the tough (or soft?) outer shell though, he's a nice guy and seems to have a soft spot for Orihime, who he knows quite well due to the sewing club. A sophomore. lone_sparrow (Played by fistofthelotus)

Yasutora Sado aka "Chad" - The big, hulking, silent varsity football player. Many speculate that he has been hit one too many times in the head during football practice and that has rendered him a bit...violent and mentally challenged. He is nothing of the sort, though. In fact, he's quite bright in the ways of human emotion and only attacks people to defend others. Sophomore. strongarm (Played by jade_vixen)

Abarai Renji - The varsity basketball player who feels he should've been born black. His favourite clothing brand is Ecko and his shoes and shoelaces much ALWAYS MATCH THE REST OF HIS OUTFIT. He's cocky and a bit rude. Kuchiki Rukia is his best friend. He's somewhat jealous of Byakuya for having so much of Rukia's respect and for being so damned good at everything Renji wants to do. A junior. __graffitilayup (Played by pyrefly)

Kuchiki Byakuya - The perfect student. He's captain of the varsity basketball team, president of the senior class, in the running for valedictorian, extremely rich, and extremely handsome. Girls tend to swoon over his long hair, beautiful eyes, and mysteriousness. Really, he just doesn't like socializing with the "lower classes." He's Rukia's older brother and has his overprotective moments, though they can be interpreted as him wanting her to keep up the family name. yourtaichou (Played by red_dish)

Arisawa Tatsuki - The "tough" girl in school. Often called "uber-dyke" by some of her enemies (Ichigo being one of them). She's Orihime's best friend and protects her from the evils of the world. A sophomore and a field hockey player. fistofthedragon (Played by anotherstraycat)

Asano Keigo - The horniest kid in school. The American Pie movies are his bibles by which to live life. He's goofy, dramatic, and is always up for a round of skirt-chasing and/or partying, which may contribute to his less-than-stellar grade point average. He's a sophomore and a good friend of Ichigo's. noonedoesitlike (Played by winter_lullaby)

Honshou Chizuru - The token gay person. Chizuru is very blatantly lesbian and is always trying to "convert" people to her "cause." She has an especially big crush on Orihime and often tries to find ways to seduce her (to no avail). Sophomore. Field hockey player. a_girls_girl (Played by too_late)

Kojima Mizuiro - The ladies' man. Thanks to his baby face and his sweet disposition, he gets all the ladies, though he prefers the older ones. Another good friend of Ichigo's and also a sophomore. the_lady_killer (Played by haku)

Shiba Ganju - A soccer player. He's loud and bulky and is constantly being chased by Yumichika for a make over. He and Ichigo have a strange, almost competitive friendship. A junior. ihateshinigami (played by netbelleanie)

Hisagi Shuuhei - The GOTH?! Really. No one knows how old Shuuhei is or how long ago he was supposed to have graduated. Despite his leather-wearing and his sixty-nine tattoo, he's actually quite tame. Unless you challenge him, of course. A senior. gothicsoldier (Played by chuu)

Hinamori Momo - A friendly, sweet girl who very much looks up to Aizen, the history teacher. She's his student aide and spends a great amount of time in his classroom grading papers for him and what not. She takes all her aggressions out on the field hockey team (of which she is captain) and is known for her violent temper. A junior. hina_momo (Played by kremlin_dusk)

Yamada Hanatarou - One day he'll be a doctor. For now, he's a wimp and a nerd and a target of teasing. A freshman. nurse_boyo (Played by lone_child)

Izuru Kira - Another emo kid, though he prefers to be called "indie." No one really knows how his depth perception is, seeing as how one eye is completely covered by hair. He has a slight obsession crush on Hinamori. A senior. thriftstoremag (Played by winter_lullaby)

Ayasegawa Yumichika - Ambiguously gay or just metro sexual? No one has the nerves to ask. He has impeccable style and HATES ugly things, which is evident by his constant teasing of Ganju. He is always trying to find ways to better the appearance of others. He will probably enter cosmetology school. A senior. lovely_peacock (Played by sezata)

Madarame Ikkaku - ...Skinhead? He's a raver who takes most of his outfits from fetish magazines. Surprisingly enough, he and Yumichika are best friends. Yumichika must admire his beautiful make up job. A senior. no__hair (Played by go_hifreann_lea)

Soi Fong - The overachiever. She plays piano, violin, tennis, has all AP classes, spends more time studying than sleeping, and she's still just salutatorian. For this reason, she tends to dislike Byakuya more than a little. She's quite snobbish and strays from most friendly socialization. _noir_papillion (Played by cleira_raven)

Kon - Simply known as 'Kon', he is the infamously nubile school mascot. When outside of his costume, he is often confused for Ichigo (much to Ichigo's dismay). He is extremely perverted and girl-crazy, and has a tendancy to launch himself at the breasts of unsuspecting girls; strangely enough, he also has a rather big crush on Rukia, despite her small bust. He also enjoys sneaking into Genryuusei's office to commandeer the PA system and give his own rendition of the morning announcements, which both he and the students have affectionally dubbed 'Kon Radio' or WKON. A senior. faux_paw (played by izarin)

Haruyasu Akon - A transfer student and new to the area, Akon is still finding his feet in the grand scheme of High School. As a crossover agent between the goths and the emo!kids though, there's hope for him to fit in yet. _fukenzenkagaku (Played by jamiefawkes)

Hirako Shinji - Sophomore. Hirako is a transfer student from...well...no one seems to know. What everyone does know, though, is that he's a little off his rocker. With his tendancy to write backwards, his crazy haircut, and his unhealthy obsession with video games, it's easy to see why most students try to avoid him. He is also the step-brother of Hiyori. realitys_child (Played by kasumi_blue)

Sarugaki Hiyori - Freshman. Hiyori is Hirako's step-sister, and despite her small size, a bully. Though she shows hostility to everyone (especially her step-brother), she especially hates girls who are "better built"--in other words, anyone bustier, leggier, or sexier. She is also a gaming nerd, though she prefers standing behind Hirako and barking orders to playing herself.

Kunieda Ryo – As representative of the sophomore class on the student council, Ryo tries hard to be a role model for her fellow students. She ranks second in their grade and is one of the track team stars, running the 100m in 12 seconds. Sophomore. kunieda_ryou (Played by xukty)

Ogawa Michiru – A sweet and shy girl, hopeless romantic and a little high strung. She often feels insecure and so depends heavily on the support of her friends. Sophomore. bakground_musik (played by spica_pi)

Shibata – Shibata is a mama’s boy who has been utterly lost in the world since his mother passed away when he was a kid. Since starting high school, he’s taken a great admiration to the quiet strength of Yasutora Sado and is trying his best to learn from his example. Freshman.

Kotsubaki Sentarou – Loud and obnoxious, Sentarou has managed to spend most of his short high school career trying to out-yell Kotetsu Kiyone. Finally realizing that psychology owns his soul, Sentarou will do anything for Ukitake, SHS’s favorite SARS infected psych teacher. sentarou_best (Played by pearlrose86)

Kotetsu Kiyone – Even though she’s Isane’s little sister, you’d never be able to tell other than their looks. Bold, brash, loud and competitive, Kiyone has taken to high school with almost unrivaled enthusiasm. Her favorite teacher is Ukitake for whom she will do absolutely anything. Freshman. gogokiyone (Played by susako)

Aramaki Makizou aka MakiMaki – A long standing member of the kendo club, Makimaki (as nicknamed by Yachiru) has taken strongly to the doctrine of Zaraki Kenpachi and is a firm believer that kendo is life. When not participating in the Three Hours of Hell, or sucking up to Zaraki and Yachiru, he likes to tag along with Ikkaku and Yumichika, his idols in the club. Junior.

Kurumadani Zennosuke – Zennosuke is all about the old school funk. Still rockin’ the afro, he’s of the opinion that the 70’s were the only time that ever mattered or will ever matter. Senior.

Junior High Students

Kurosaki Karin - Karin is an 8th grade student at Seireitei Junior High and one of Ichigo's younger sisters. That said, she is pretty much a younger, female version of Ichigo; just as cynical, just as spiteful, and just as into punk music. She often goes with her father on his raids of SHS to make sure he doesn't "screw things up."

Kurosaki Yuzu - Yuzu is a 7th grader at SJH and the youngest of the Kurosaki siblings. She's sweet, docile, and innocent and probably the only one in the Kurosaki family who actually enjoys her father's company. She also goes with her father on his raids to see her older brother (whom she adores) and to catch a glimpse of Don Kanonji, her idol. sew_much_love (Played by chibi_ai)

Hanakari Jinta - An 8th grader at SJH. He's the tough skater kid who makes all his purchases at Hot Topic, smokes ample amounts of pot, and boasts Sum 41 as his favorite band. Despite his appearance, he's surprisingly smart and is apart of a Junior High program that allows a student to visit a person in the occupation that he or she would like to pursue for one period a day. Oddly enough, that occupation is law enforcement and oddly enough, the person he visits is Officer Urahara. ___justbail (Played by kaminozuki)

Tsumugiya Ururu - Another 8th grader at SJH and the class nerd. Like Yuzu, she is sweet and docile, though a lot more shy. Her temper, however, is fierce, and she is known to give bullies a killer right hook if they try her patience. She is also interested in law enforcement and apart of the same program as Jinta (who is the only person she will tolerate teasing from). amemoke (Played by alunai)


Yamamoto "Genryuusai" Shigekuni - The Principal. He rules the school with an iron fist. Or else, he tries to. Truth be told, he's not as young as he used to be. the_shs_king (Played by the Mods)

Ukitake Juushirou - Vice Principal. In charge of sophomore and senior classes. Compassionate and understanding, Ukitake tries to best care for the students with reason. Though his more gentle approach does win him popularity points, it also tends to lead to a lot of headaches from obstinate students. Thankfully though, his “illness” often gives him the excuse for some much needed days off. Because he's not very fond of being cramped up in an office all day, Ukitake is also the Psychology teacher. He loves interacting with his students, and likes to poke fun at them now and again. __dorkysensei (Played by jamiefawkes)

Zaraki Kenpachi - Vice Principal. In charge of freshman and junior classes and Kendo club sponsor. Tough as nails with a sadistic streak a mile wide, students dread being sent to his office. Eccentric in personal taste and obscenely competitive, more student brawls are caused by him rather than stopped. nameless_sword (Played by byronstrife)

Kusajishi Yachiru - Dean of Students. Childlike in size, looks and personality, Yachiru is often mistaken for being a member of the freshman class. However, being so underestimated often gives her the tactical advantage she needs to keep students in line.

Kyouraku Shunsui - Guidance Counselor. A firm believer that children must be encouraged to explore all paths available to them to grow into well rounded adults, Shunsui’s guidance is…philosophical. A very poetic soul, he often feels that a well thought out and properly used haiku is usually the best help for any situation his students present him. petalsandsake (Played by susako)

Ise Nanao - Guidance Counselor. Pragmatic and logical, Nanao spends most of her days trying to sort out confused students who have just sought help from Shunsui. In all honesty, she’s probably the only person other than maybe Ukitake who ever has any idea what Shunsui is talking about. winterenigma (Played by chibi_ai)

Hitsugaya Toushirou - Math Teacher. A child prodigy, Hitsugaya is currently in the process of writing his doctorate in calculus. However, in order to pay the bills and keep his guardian Rangiku happy, he applied for the position of physics teacher at Seireitai High. At 16, he is the youngest person to ever hold the position in the school’s history. winters_sun (Played by haku)

Kurotsuchi Mayuri - Biology Teacher. Exiled from the scientific community for undisclosed reasons, Mayuri took the only job that would have him, that of a high school biology teacher. Though disgruntled about the demotion at first, Mayuri has grown to appreciate the…interesting opportunities working with so many young test subjects people present and has been rumoured to be writing a new thesis. For the record, no you don’t want to know what are in the jars he keeps on the shelf in the back of the class. dyedin_red (Played by alunai)

Kurotsuchi Nemu - Chemistry Teacher. Daughter of Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Nemu followed her father when he left for High School glory. As her father’s assistant, Nemu has been involved in all of her father’s experiments and studies. Solitary and very quiet, she has put no effort into dispelling the rumors that she was her father’s primary test subject, back in the day. among_shadowz (Played by abyss637)

Matsumoto Rangiku - English Teacher/Librarian. Never having any particular ambition for any particular subject when she graduated high school, Rangiku simply went into English as she’d always liked reading. Years later, she landed a steady, if sometimes monotonous, job working as the English teacher at a local high school (provided she also accepted library duty). Guardian of Hitsugaya Toushirou, she’s been spending most of her time teasing him at work as well as at home. novel_ran (played by anotherstraycat)

Aizen Sousuke - History Teacher. Calm, in control, noble and intelligent, Aizen gently commands the respect of his peers and students. His patient and engaging teaching style always gets through to the students eventually, but those really paying attention occasionally ponder his cold dissection of the major wars of the past. kyouka_suigetsu (Played by rabidrain)

Ichimaru Gin - Gym Teacher. Gin is the antithesis of your typical gym teacher. He’s pale, has bad posture, doesn’t actually play sports and gives off way too high a rating on the creep meter. However, his cunning and intelligence has taught his students the value of strategy in competition and has earned him the respect of many of his star athletes. devil_you_love (Played by glampop)

Unohana Retsu - School Nurse. Greatly skilled, kind, gently and calm under pressure, Unohana is the first person any student turns to when in need of help, both physically and emotionally. A genuine listener, she has gained a reputation for being far more helpful than either of the guidance counselors. As a result, she’s far more in the know than anyone would suspect. (NOTE: Unohana's player will be required to keep a log of what's going on in the RP in her character journal.) minazuki_retsu (Played by silvermuse89)

Kotetsu Isane - Medical Student/Health Teacher. Currently training under Unohana’s steady hands, Isane hopes to one day possess the calm and control of her mentor. In the meantime though, she’s a ball of nerves. Especially in the class room. Who would have thought it would be so embarrassing to answer sex questions when they were asked by a 14 year old? classic_case_of (Played by abyss637)

Tousen Kaname - Music Teacher. Talented, but strict, he is both hated for his high expectations and loved for his soft spoken demeanor. Those who aren’t big fans of him call him “Ray Charles” behind his back, as he his blind and wears sunglasses.

Don Kanonji - Drama teacher. After the cancellation of his hit sitcom, Hanging with Mr. Kanonji, he went into the wonderful world of teaching. Strange, overzealous, and arrogant, he has as many naysayers as he does fans. Even so, whenever he does his trademark laugh, everyone is tempted to join in. kanonballs (Played by too_late)

Shiba Kaien - Art teacher. After the recent death of his wife, he decided to move back to the area to be close to his siblings, Kuukaku and Ganju. Deciding that crashing at Kuukaku's place and trying to sell art wasn't cutting it, he moved out on his own and took a teaching post at SHS. Despite the hardships, he is still a friendly, understanding teacher who does his best to make sure his students are comfortable. neji_bana (Played by chuu)

Ochi-sensei – Foreign Language Teacher. Ochi-sensei, whose full name is unknown to her students, is the foreign language teacher at SHS. Even though each class seems to come in a different language, her well loved blunt and cheerful sarcasm always manages to be translated.

Iba Tetsuzaemon – Photography Teacher (who is too cool for school). Oozing over polished charm, his leather biker jacket is always immaculate and his sunglasses always stay over his eyes, even in the dark room. The students figure this is the reason behind his complete lack of skill and talent for the subject at hand.

Yaruchika Iemuro – Philosophy Teacher. There is no one at SHS who enjoys the sound of his own voice more than Yaruchika Iemuro, not even Kon. Perhaps that is why he took up the position of philosophy teacher, so that he could ramble on forever without ever really managing to say anything at all.

Z. Sword - Home Economics Teacher. It is always a shock for students to see the serious, brooding face of the mysterious Z. Sword as he stands in front of an oven wearing a frilly pink apron, but soon, his heart wrenching voice and almost painful respect for the true beauty that is cooking overwhelms and converts even the most jaded of skeptics. murderingmoon (Played by netbelleanie)

Komamura Sajin – Creative Writing Teacher. After being horribly scarred in a fire while he was in college, Komamura has hidden his (in his opinion) grotesque appearence behind a wicker mask and given himself over to the art of writing. For bad self-insertion fanfictions are the only way he can pretend to have lived a truly full life. mr_komamura (Played by jamessunderwhat)

Tessai – Shop Teacher. With the infinite patience and discipline of a samurai, Tessai is above and beyond skilled in the art of wood manipulation. Some may think that his stoic demeanor and blank expression might actually have something to do with his rather close relationship with one Urahara Kisuke.


Kurosaki Isshin - The dogmatic and overbearing PTA president and owner of Kurosaki Clinic. He is constantly lurking around the school trying to make sure things are up to "parent standards." He tends to refer to himself in third person and is always finding new ways to embarass his son, Kurosaki Ichigo. papakurosaki (Played by chuu)

Urahara Kisuke - The crooked security cop. Angered by his "pitiful salary," he makes pocket money by dealing drugs to students. He seems to be a bit too qualified to be working as a rent-a-cop in regards to his martial arts prowess and deductive skills, but maybe he has a secret agenda.... shifty_guard (Played by winter_lullaby)

Shihouin Yoruichi - Urahara's detective friend. She's currently on probation for some unknown offense, so she wastes time by hanging out with Urahara and helping him with security duties. She confiscates a good deal of what Urahara sells and uses it for her own leisure. crooked_kitty (Played by lorryl)

Shiba Kuukaku - Ganjuu's older sister and an owner of a popular cafe across the street. She is known for her spectacular illegal fireworks shows and often hosts amateur nights for fledgeling bands. She's a hit with the male students due to her rather revealing choice in clothing. For some reason, she's missing an arm. Probably a fireworks accident. com_bust_ible (Played by go_hifreann_lea)

Oomaeda Maresendai – Cafeteria worker. It’s really anyone’s guess as to when the last time the cafeteria head chef had a bath, we hear Hiyori has a pool going on it. And yes, you just saw him picking his nose before handling the food, and no, you didn’t see him wash his hands in between.

Asano Mizuho - Keigo's older sister and recent college graduate. Mizuho is currently hunting for employment and taking advantage of her sudden influx of spare time to harrass her little brother as much as she can. lovesthembald (Played by lone_child)



Emmy (personal journal seppuku_doll, character journal wingstocked_) AIM - absinthe twister
Cat (personal journal anotherstraycat, character journals fistofhedragon, novel_ran) AIM - Cat evaporated

Please contact either of us if you have any questions.