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12 March 2006 @ 09:33 pm
Hey everyone, its time to make this official.

We've had a good run and good times. Thank you all for that.

SeireitaiHS is closing its doors, Emmy and I no longer have the time or the interest to run this game and I know a lot of you feel the same way, even though none of us want to admit it.

So good bye everyone. Emmy and I are still around so feel free to chat with us even though the game has closed, and a few of the same players (plus many new and amazing ones) can be found over at no_air, so feel free to check that out if you're feeling lonely.

Again, thank you all for making this game so awesome. We're going to miss you.

Much love,
Cat and Emmy
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02 March 2006 @ 02:09 pm
The big night had finally arrived, and Don was scared shitless. He didn't even know if his lead actors would show, but even if they didn't the show would still go on. Costumes were being sown together at the last seconds, some scenary was wobbly, and his lead electrician was afraid of heights! This would be an interesting show indeed.

But even through his fright, Don kept as calm an air as he could, the perfect image of control. He picked up his megaphone and said to everyone backstage, "OK! Let's get this show on the road - if not for yourselves, then for the anxious audience awaiting you!" Don had gotten a peak through the curtains earlier, and the seats were packed full of students, parents, and even teachers! The drama program barely had enough money to rent out the stage, so this would be the only performance and it was either going to be a success or a complete flop.

Don had asked the short teacher, Hitsugaya, to assist him in stage management because Don knew that he would be preoccupied with many things during the show and the help would be necessary. The little guy did know how to handle rowdy teens, something Don had trouble with every once in awhile.

Everyone rushed to their places with their brows furrowed in worry while Don took his tall director's seat just off-stage. If things didn't go according to plan, he could always take centerstage... he knew all the lines, after all...

((So this is how it'll work. I'll put up like 2 or 3 scenes every day (or at least try to), and don't worry it won't be the entire play. Only the more interesting ones will pop up. Audience members can butt in with comments WHENEVER you please, reply to the part that SO inspires you and the cast or crew will either ignore or respond, whatever they choose. I'm putting up more than one at a time so that everyone can participate at once and if a scene dies in the process of waiting for an actor to respond, we can continue with something else. Any student can just claim a crew member spot and wreak havoc whenever they choose, or just be a good crew member and help someone put up a costume or save someone from falling lights and scenary. Any questions? email me @ ThLiLMermaid@cs.com and i'll try to figure them out.))

((I tried to make them short, so pleeeease participate. If you can't, then you can have someone else take your role, just let us know that you want someone else to take over because I am SURE there are a lot of people who'd enjoy multiple roles!))


((EDIT: Yeah, I know it's not all in order. But don't worry about that... I'm choosing scenes based on who's participating so the people who are can have more to work with... just pretend it's all in order.))

Kon's Prologue starts out the production.Collapse )

Verona. A street. Enter Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio, with other Maskers, and Torchbearers.Collapse )

Juliet & Nurse after the first kiss at the ballCollapse )

The big fight scene! Yay!Collapse )

Mercutio dies. Then Tybalt dies.Collapse )

Paris & Juliet, after Juliet has already married Romeo!Collapse )

Romeo and Juliet... in their wedding bedCollapse )
28 February 2006 @ 08:09 pm
[[All parts played respectively on MSN.]]

Characters: Inoue Orihime, Kojima Mizuiro
Location: Mizuiro's house
Summary: Orihime goes to Mizuiro's house for some Romeo and Juliet practice... however, things quickly change as both begin to reveal hidden emotions and secrets. **WARNING: LOTS of FLUFF!! <3**

Not an ounce of love until you walked in.Collapse )
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Starbucks was so overrated, thought Kon. The prices were high, the coffee was mediocre, and the barristas' breasts were frankly unimpressive. He would have liked to patronize Kuukaku-san's familiar establishment (where the prices were reasonable, the coffee was good, and her breasts were fantastic!), but his (now five minutes late) date seemed to have something against the Lady Shiba.

Kon supposed he could grab a cup of his beloved java another time; for now, he was looking towards a cup of swill to knock back and a lovely lady to entertain.

Ah, the lovely lady. Life had been so hectic that he had forgotten that Asano had a sister. A rather pretty sister with nice legs and a lack of ill will towards him, at that.

Nestled comfortably in a plush armchair, Kon let his thoughts wander.

Mizuho and Kuukaku-san fighting over whipped cream...
24 February 2006 @ 11:00 am
Don bounced merrily into the theatre with stacks of books in his arms, and seeing some students sitting in the seats meant for the audience he waved over to them, "I want everybody on stage today!" Once everyone was seated on the stage floor, he passed a copy of the play out to each person.

"Today we're all going to divide into cast and crew groups. I want Yumichika in charge of costumes, Hanatarou in charge of lights, and Byakuya in charge of sets. Anyone who's not involved in the acting can join whichever group they please, and the group as a whole will come up with design ideas and help to bring the designs to life!" He used this last statement to excite the class, pumping his fist in the air to show his own enthusiasm. Then he remembered how small his class was and added, "Actually, the groups may work together if it helps things to move along faster."

"The actors will be divided by family so that they can begin to form some kind of bond. If your character is not part of some family, then you may join whichever family you choose or just jump between to get a better feel for them. After you have "bonded" with your family, we will have improvised fight scenes between the two families."

He was about to give them the signal to begin, but stopped in his tracks. Raising an eyebrow at Tatsuki he warned, "Keep in mind that all of this improvisational activity will be staged. That means I don't plan on sending anyone to the nurse's office today! Understand?!?!" Leaning forward and eyeing all of his actors menacingly, he waited a couple of seconds. Then he jumped back up like a maniac, plastered on a bright smile, and shouted, "Okay! Let's begin! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask~!"
[[All parts played respectively on AIM. I couldn’t post in the main SeireiteiHS community through my Mizuho account, so I’m posting it with Hanatarou’s. He was in this log anyway, though not much. :) ]]

Characters: Shiba Kuukaku, Asano Mizuho, Hanatarou (who’s in the background)
Rated: PG-13 for cursing (on both Kuukaku & Mizuho’s parts), violence and Dunkin’ Donuts hatin’
Location: The Cafe
Summary: Sister Mizuho worships Dunkin Donuts like a God. Sister Kuukaku condemns Dunkin Donuts as a spawn of the devil. God knows what will happen at this job interview when they finally meet...

*hits bell* Round 1! Fight!Collapse )
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09 February 2006 @ 07:52 pm
Image hosting by Photobucket

[The dance is officially open. So jump in my lovelies, lets see if we can make 100 comments again for the first time in far too long.]

Another year came and went and with it came the repetition of themed days. Yamamoto had never understood it, or if he had, he had long forgotten his reasoning that had lead to the understanding.

The gym was decorated in bright reds and pinks this time, a slight variation from the last time he’d spent the evening there. He regretted the loss of the plants that had been coating the ceiling at the last dance.

Nevertheless, he had high hopes that the romantic nature he was picking up from the heart shaped cutouts meant that the women were going to be particularly friendly despite the lack of mistletoe.

He had particular high hopes for Miss Matsumoto, especially after how friendly she had gotten at the last dance.
02 February 2006 @ 09:20 pm
Don walked into class a little later than usual. Class will still buzzing about the first day of auditions, but Don was displeased.

"QUIET!" he screamed at them, voice echoing throughout the theatre, "It's time for day two of auditions!"

The bustle died quickly, and Don walked to center stage in complete silence. It was good to have that kind of command on a live audience again, so he let the silence last for a couple of painful moments.

"After so many of you chickened out of the auditions for the leads," he said through gnashing teeth, glaring at the students, "I'm hoping that this next day of auditions will be more successful. I think I recall the characters of Mercutio and Tybalt being more popular any-who."

He passed out the sceneCollapse ) to Kon, Tatsuki, Rukia, Renji, Ichigo, Hirako, Ikkaku, and Mizuiro hurriedly.

"Since there is an even number of you I have picked out your scene partners to prevent the problems that occured in the last audition. I would prefer it if you do the scene with more than one person, and doing so will give you a better shot at the role! If you want this role that badly, then you will be enthusiastic about it and work hard!"

Don smirked proudly, impressed by his own genious. This would force people to audition instead of volunteering themselves.

"The (first) pairings are:

Tatsuki & Hirako
Kon & Renji
Rukia & Ichigo
Ikkaku & Mizuiro

With the first person as Mercutio and the second person as Tybalt."

Don then stepped into the wings, motioning for the first pair to begin. But when he heard some groans coming from the group, he added without turning to face them, "I know that almost all of you would prefer the role of Mercutio to that of Tybalt, and that's just another reason to pair up with one other person - so you get the chance to audition for the role of Mercutio. That or you'd better make a damn impressive Tybalt. I chose the pairings the way I did so that the people who only chose Mercutio get the chance to audition for that role."

He laughed in a booming voice before turning to finally face them all again. "BOHAHAHAHAHA!!! Lights, camera, action!"

((Jump in whatever. You can start the first pairings then start up another one whenever you want. The more pairings, the better! ^_^))
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01 February 2006 @ 11:36 pm
Zaraki entered the Kendo dojo with a sadistic grin on his face, cracking his knuckles & flexing the muscles on his phenominal physique, he stomped the ground laughed out loud," Who's ready for another 4 months of hell?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"
Looking at all the terrified faces, he could tell it was going to be quite a fun semester, in spite of the fact that Yamamoto-jichan dropped his metal shop course, in favor of funding for the school's sports program, and even though it meant more money for kendo as well, he was still infuriated over the fact that he lost a chance to make more students suffer show SHS another side of himself.
"Ok I got a special exercise to all you little traitors who were too good sign up for my class, thus causing it to be canceled," he said as he read the defuncted class' attendance sheet, " You get to spar with me........15 minutes a piece, and we don't go home until I've gotten everyone on my list! Ikkaku, you're up 1st!!!!!!"
01 February 2006 @ 08:48 pm
If you have not already, please reply to the activity check in the ooc comunity.

Also, I have good news and bad news. Unfortunately, we've lost our Hiyori player. But, we have cast Zangetsu Z. Sword. So please update your flists.